Ned and the Dirt



“When you throw one southerner and two north-easterners into a blender and then pour them out in Los Angeles you get Ned and the Dirt’s unique brand of Graveyard Indie-Rock. Ned’s southern roots can be found in his preacher’s tongue and garage-party swagger, but it’s The Dirt’s northern grit that gives their music a grip on your ears. Their live performances drip with honesty (and sweat) so go get up close if you’re ready to feel. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. You’ll be having those feelings with everyone in the crowd, and then you’ll leave that night being a more enriched person because you accidentally connected with so many other people. Don’t just buy it because I’m telling you this, though. Go see Ned and the Dirt for yourself.”

– Famous Person You Like



Ned and the Dirt has been touring for 4 years and has played with such acts as The Whigs, The Hold Steady, The Good Old War, of Montreal, The Honorary Title, Kopecky, Black Joe Lewis and many more.

Press for “Wild Pack: Haunt These Woods:

“There just aren’t enough concept EPs out there.  Anyone can do a concept album – it gives you lots of room to tell your longer story…But to limit yourselves to just a couple of songs while still giving a larger scope to your storytelling – that’s a challenge! … The trio spin their tales with a bright, crunchy brand of indie rock, reminiscent of the Hold Steady or Kings of Leon, alternating between howling rockers and plaintive ballads.  ‘We Scream Party’ is the centerpiece of the record, with its chugging rhythm, sing-along chorus, its celebration of their adopted hometown, and a minute-long coda of guitar freak-out.” – Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW

“…roots rock with a deep sense of loss, regret and yearning…From the whoa-ohs of the crunchy ‘Stay Trashed, Stay Raring’ to the touching elegy ‘Edgemont,’ it’s a wild ride.” – Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands LA

“It’s all the big, bombastic, and balls-out kicks that are sure to get you either kicked out of your parent’s house, or lose your renters deposit.” – Sjimon Gompers, Impose Magazine

“The great thing about these five songs is that they’re not all what they may seem at first. Each track really grows into its own before the end. Take “We Scream Party,” for instance, which just gets more and more wild, even completely changing key in the crazy instrumentals toward the end…The story passes with a blink of an eye, the EP growing, progressing and then bringing things right back to the beginning before you even notice it, guaranteeing that you’ll be giving it another listen shortly after, just to take it all in once more. If this is what Ned and The Dirt can do with an EP, I’d love to hear the evolution on a full-length.” – Dom Vigil, Prelude Press



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