Ned and the Dirt’s upcoming “Western Giants” Tour

Last night, the guys and I dreamed up something crazy.  What if we toured our album across the western half of the United States, took it to SXSW in Austin and made it back to our hometown to blow it up and get started on our next one?  We’re in the land of stars, so why not go for it all, right?

It’s time for us to hold on to our big old tweed pants and take this show on the road.  Here are the stops we’ve got in mind so far, and you should know that booking is already under way!  

* Los Angeles, CA

* San Diego, CA

* Phoenix, AZ

* Tucson, AZ

* Las Cruces, NM

* San Antonio, TX

* Austin, TX

* Dallas, TX 

* Oklahoma City, OK

* Wichita, KS

* Denver, CO

* Boulder, CO

* Cheyenne, WY

* Salt Lake City, UT

* Boise, ID

* Tacoma, WA

* Seattle, WA

* Portland, OR

* Eugene, OR

* Sacramento, CA

* San Francisco, CA

* San Jose, CA

* Fresno, CA

* Los Angeles, CA

We’re hoping for 23 Dates, so if anyone knows a place we can crash or couch surf we’d love to have your hospitality!  If we’re coming to your town let us know and we’ll make a special song happen for you!  Before you know it this tour will be named after you and we’ll all be best friends.  Crazy how fast things escalate, huh?

Can’t wait to see you and your pretty faces and play “Giants” for half of this great nation.  

Go listen to the songs from the album on our Soundcloud page and if you like what you hear go buy it on iTunes so you can sing all of the words along with us and be the coolest of all of your friends!

Y’all, this is going to be too fun.

Ned Durrett

Ned and the Dirt (@NedandtheDirt)


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