Ned and the Dirt at SXSW!

Ned and the Dirt is here at SXSW in Austin and we are being overwhelmed with how nice, receptive and supportive everyone has been so far.  Since arriving we’ve been meeting tons of new people that want to share the unique connection with us between bands and their listeners.  Our audience is growing and more importantly our friend base is skyrocketing and providing us with more inspiration than we’ve felt before.  Thanks to all of you that we’ve met so far and that we’re going to meet this coming week!

Our remaining SXSW schedule looks like this:

Tuesday 11th, 6pm at Touché

Tuesday 11th, 8pm at Parish Underground

Wednesday 12th, 11am at Javelina Bar 

Wednesday 12th, Midnight at NOMAD

One more huge joy that we had was getting to play last night for an awesome backyard rock n’ roll potluck and my mom’s house.  It rocked and everyone there was rockin’ ’til the sun went down.  Our new friend Erin Walter who covers music for, The Austin Chronicle and the Statesman came and wrote an awesome piece (SXSW: Here’s to meaning it) about SXSW and included us in it!  Everyone should read and then share with their moms (trust me, it will make them proud of you. Or proud of us.  Either way, you’ll be happy you did.).

Y’all keep rockin’ and causing a beautiful stir every where you go, lord knows we will.



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