Western Giants Tour: Mission Accomplished

We did it guys!  We planned, set up and then knocked down the Western Giants Tour which took us 5K miles across 8 states!  When we first set out, Jack’s dad had us take a picture to commemorate the occasion, but at the time I felt a little silly doing it.  It felt like one of those Wonder Years moments, and sure enough, here I am having learned my lesson and seeing that Kevin was right to get us to take this picture.



Sure, we may not look beautiful or particularly well rested, but I know that I’ll remember this picture for the rest of my life.  You could walk into my office when I’m 60 and you’ll see this picture hanging on my wall.  I never want to forget what we looked like before we started this journey, so thank you Kevin for asking us to take this photo.

When I was planning the tour I neglected to see each tour date as a real city with real people who would attach themselves to us in some way.  Luckily, my eyes were opened to one of the most amazing parts about getting to hit the road and play music for people; getting to tap into the human connection with so many of you was something that was very special for me personally while out on this tour.  Several of you reached out to us and opened up your homes to three strange dudes, which in and of itself is awe inspiring, so thank you for that.  On top of that, many of you connected with us on a profound level and allowed us to make new friends out of you.  For both of these things I have tons of people for which I am thankful!  I hope you know that you have cemented yourselves in my heart forever.

I also want to show thanks to the venues that took a chance on us and welcomed us into their towns.  The Rogue Bar, Sky Bar, 502 Bar, My mom’s house, Javelina BarParish Underground, NOMAD, Mutiny Information Cafe, Bar Deluxe, The Blue Lamp Lounge and Hotel Cafe, you all kicked ass and I will recommend everyone of you highly to every person I know.   You should also know that my heart got really happy revisiting all of you while hyperlinking each venue (especially my mom’s house).

One of the most common questions I get now that I’m back is, “Ned, what was your favorite show that you played?”  Well, guys, they were all awesome but my favorite to talk about was the collective show (and experience) that was SXSW.  When we arrived in Austin we only had one showcase to play, but after talking with people and generally grinding like we do we came out with THREE more!   It was a totally unique feeling being thrown into a city where an innumerable amount of people were visiting and searching for new bands to love and push.  We came out the other end having played with a cluster of amazing South Carolina bands thanks to Stereofly Magazine, having shared our music with tons of native Austin-ites and having made our way into the heart of an incredible music journalist!  Here’s a picture of us playing the Stereofly Saturated Showcase:


As for the future, we have our last show of the tour this Monday night, the 31st at Hotel Cafe with one of our favorite bands that we met a long the way called Down North.  The show starts at 8pm and you definitely want to be there.  Down North will jam till you and they both drop, and you won’t wish a second of it had been any different.  The grooves that they put down are so inspiring to your feet that they’ll have you running around the venue before they’re done.  I can’t wait.

Come see us in all of our after tour glow.  If you’re there you’ll get to hear two new singles we’re thinking about releasing soon.

Can’t wait to see y’all soon,



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