Show Recap! Ned and the Dirt at Amplyfi w/ Foxfield and The Red Harbour 5/2

Last night left me ecstatic!  We had never been to Amplyfi before playing it, but we were pleasantly surprised with the room!  It was an intimate venue that had best selling records hung up on the wall along with paintings of Ringo Starr and pictures of Jane Fonda sticking it to the man.  The beauty of the room was in the details so it was definitely my kind of place to be playing. The crowd was full and lively, and we’re very grateful to both bands that opened up the show because they kept the place rockin’ until our set!  The Red Harbour was the first band, and they brought a groovy energy to go along with their rocking songs.  Everybody’s heads were bobbing constantly during their set.  Foxfield was the second band and they freed up the crowd’s feet.  Foxfield had energy and beautifully arranged songs that reminded me of the Red Hot Chili Peppers putting a band together with Young the Giant.  What an awesome combo, right?

Set from last night: Sugar–Closer–Boyhood Pride–Dear Liza–Turkish Delight–Roots(new single coming soon)–Physical Proof

Note: If you want to recreate the show experience for your self watch this GIF while playing the songs here in that order.

I had more fun than I knew what to do with at this show.  Not only did I keep my tradition of almost passing out while singing “Dear Liza”, but the crowd was reciprocating our energy from the first notes of “Sugar” and never let it die.  Our favorite part of any show that we play is the exchange of energy between the crowd and our band.  We’ll continue to bring everything we’ve got if you guys are there to send it right back! With that being said, we can’t wait to see you at Molly Malone’s on May 17th!  Until then, make sure you wash those rockin’ pants so they’ll be nice and fresh for May 17th, go get your frosted tips re-done and and go make some more friends so you can tell them about that kick ass band you saw last night called Ned and the Dirt.  See y’all soon!


P.S. here are some photos from last night from the crowd!  Real recognizes real so y’all go follow the people who took the pictures! Image

Foxfield opening up! Photocred: Meeeee


Photocred: Emily Durrett


Photocred: Katie McCuen


Photocred: Katina Dunn


Photocred: Christy Lee Hughes


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