We’re back from Tour!

(Pictures from the festival down at the bottom!)

Los Angeles/Internet/our friends and families,

We missed you.  Our month and a half long excursion to the wilds of Michigan and back is now over and we’re back here to tell you all about it.

First let me start by saying thank you to everyone that we met and became close with during the tour.  I hope I didn’t leave any of y’all out!


To Beaver Island, BIMF 2014 and Carol and Dan Burton,

You guys welcomed us into your big family with open arms as soon as we arrived on the Beave and for that, we will be forever grateful.  Thank you for supporting us and making us feel like the Beaver Island house band by the time we left.  In particular we’d like to thank the Dunn’s, the Croswhite’s, the Cary’s, the McDonough Clan, the Maudrie’s, Laura and Mark, the Moline’s, and the rest of the self-proclaimed Dirt Bags. (Can you tell we made a lot of new friends that we love dearly? It’s ’cause we did.  Also, I’m sorry if I forgot anyone. Even if I did you should know you’re special to us.)

To all of our new Boulder, CO friends and The Attic,

We had too much fun hanging out in your city and we will undoubtedly be back VERY soon.  You all have a spirit about you that is unique and exciting, and it is constantly drawing us back to hang out in your town.  The Arapahoe dudes rule and everyone should hope to be so lucky as to party with them.

To the Antypas family,

Thank you for welcoming us into your home and your restaurant to play! (Smoked on Rose in Chicago for everyone reading.  Go there when you get the chance because the food and people there are better than your imagination can fathom.)  Your generosity and kindness are great, and we’re lucky to have y’all supporting us.


This tour was a great one for us.  We met, what feels like, a million new people that have become friends of the band.  They call themselves dirtbags, so for now, we’ll go with it.  Most of the tour was actually more of a staycation on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.  But after two long days of driving (15 hrs each) and two really incredible stops in Boulder, CO and Chicago, IL, we made our way out to Beaver Island via a ferry from Traverse City, MI.

Our time on Beaver Island was mostly split between two of our favorite things: playing music and hanging out with new people.  We spent our days locked up in Jack’s garage hammering out covers for our 4hr residency slots that we had spread out throughout our weeks, and we spent our nights hanging out with our new friends that we were quickly making.  Our nights consisted of riding around the island to see all of the sights, going for boodles (if you don’t know what they are ask a local), playing good ol’ fashioned drinking games and making huge fires by which we hung out and played music.

The tour was appropriately capped off by the Beaver Island Music Festival 2014.  There we shared the stage with some really incredible bands (The Ragbirds, The Ben Daniels Band, Roosevelt Diggs, The Crane Wives and Connor Zwetsch just to name a few).  The Beaver Island Music Festival reminded me of the festivals I used to dream up when I was a kid with aspirations of playing them.  The stages were buried in the woods and were surrounded by elaborate campsites filled with interesting music lovers from all over.  There was an omnipresent familial atmosphere that played a huge part in all interactions at the festival; it brought people together after hours by the communal campfire to play and sing songs, and it connected all of the musicians to the fans at the festival in a way that I haven’t experienced before.  If you ever find yourself in the position to go to the Beaver Island Music Festival, you can consider yourself a lucky person because you will be surrounded by music lovers and musicians from all walks of life.  I’m sure you’ll have a great time there, and there’s a great chance that you’ll see us right there with you by the campfire or onstage.  Either way, we’ll make sure to come join you with the beers!

Thank you again to everyone who helped us along on this tour.  We are, and forever will be, a band that finds success at the hands of our fans, so thank you for all of your support.  I hope you know how invaluable you are to us.

Until we see each other again soon, keep it rockin’ y’all,


As promised here are some pictures from the festival

10275376_10152302058137659_3758785754212469799_o10571950_10152302057617659_2638815330906644888_o (1)


(Photo Credit to Mike Wojan)


(Photo Credit to Mike Mackley)


(Photo Credit to Katina Dunn)





(Photo Credit to Mike Burgess)



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