“Be Prouder of Yourself and Your Shit, Dude.”

This year I want to talk to myself more. Maybe it’ll only last for a couple months, or a couple days (more likely), but for now I want it to last for the whole year. I’m taking back talking to yourself from the crazy people of the world. It’s been too long that they’ve had a strangle hold on being the main ones of us that talk to themselves. It isn’t crazy. It’s healthy, so I’m gonna do it more often, and on top of that I want to do it in front of y’all here on the Ned and the Dirt blog. Hopefully along the way I’ll take it back for the sane ones of us that enjoy having a chat with themselves now and then. Or maybe I’ll be outted as a Crazy. Dammit.

The first thing I want to publicly tell myself is, “Be prouder of yourself and your shit, dude.” Well, do you mean like, proud of my bad qualities or just generally proud of my actions or what? “I mean you should be proud of everything. If it’s how you are, or something that you do, or something that you create, you should be proud of it because it’s a representation of you.”

I guess people can’t really ask more of me than for me to be myself. “Yeah, but you have to confidently be yourself. Ask yourself what that means to really be you and then do it whole-heartedly. Having the confidence of Drake in his new record is cool, especially if, instead of telling yourself that you’re the world’s greatest rapper, you’re telling yourself that you’re the world’s greatest you. Holding this confidence every day will allow people to see you and everything that you’re creating in an honest and open way, because everything is coming from one central place: a proud and confident you that is well informed on what it actually means to be you.”

I guess that’s pretty easy because no one can tell me that I’m not being the world’s greatest me. They don’t know. “Sure, but it’s hard because you can’t hide from yourself; You’re the only judge of whether or not you’re carrying out this sentiment.”

Why can’t anything ever be easy breezy, Inner Ned? “I don’t know, dude. Luckily, once you do something enough times it becomes easy breezy. Then, if you keep doing it once it becomes easy breezy, it will soon become natural. You’ll be the Drake of being you in no time.” That sounds pretty tight. “Agreed, that does sound tight.”


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