Finding my Pack

Growing up is hard; I heard it a bunch throughout my youth from the elders in my life, and annoyingly, I keep finding that most of these old-people-truisms end up applying to me at some point. The hardest part, though, isn’t the actual growing up, it’s the ever present possibility that when you inevitably make strides towards becoming the person you want to be (while your friends do the same) you might shift out of the pack of people you currently hang with.

Losing my pack has always been a bummer, and it happens for different reasons and in different ways, but it’s been a steady part of getting to where I want to be. My pack downfall is that I move away from every pack I become a part of: my family, my hometown friends/high school friends, my camp friends and my college friends. Apparently it’s my thing, but reading into this tendency more is probably for another post. The important take away from this is that in every place I end up, I’m able to create or become a part of a new group of people that I can call my pack.

It’s that inevitability of the creation of new packs that has captured my mind since we got off of this last tour, and now it’s become the focal point of our new venture as Ned and the Dirt.

“The Wild Pack” concept was conceived after the first incarnation of the LA Ned and the Dirt went our separate ways. I felt pretty lost and disheartened, because I was questioning whether or not it was possible to find a group of people who shared my vision for what this band could stand for and become. It was while I was in this emotional space that I got to experience the grief of breaking special bonds between friends that felt unbreakable, and the nostalgia for experiences we shared while we were together. These feelings ended up being the impetuses for the new concept through which we’ve been writing some new records. Through The Wild Pack, we’ll explore the joy of togetherness, the sadness of being apart and the uncertainty that comes with searching for a new pack.

It’s been scary to start working on something like this as it feels like quite an undertaking, but it’s served as a new way for me to experience my life, the things that happen to me and the people that enter into it. The Wild Pack has become a way for me to share my life with you and in turn invite y’all to become a part of Ned and the Dirt’s pack. I hope that through this new series of records we can create a group that I can’t move away from; one that will be unbreakable and ever growing. We will neither be alone in the joys that we experience nor the troubles that we have because we’ll have our Wild Pack.


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