Our Kickstarter will launch today at Noon PST/ 3 ET: Be on the look out so you can help us make our new record!

We’ve been working hard on putting together this new album that we are ready to record and now we want to get it into your hands. However, we need help funding this bad boy and with your help we can not only make this record, but get it the promotion and media support that it deserves.

This album is the first record that I’ve written that truly made me feel as if I was creating a piece of art. It’s the first chapter in a concept series that has helped me through a difficult time, and I have high hopes that this series will continue on throughout my music career and serve as an anchor point through which our fans can get to know me more profoundly.

With that being said, it feels more important than ever that we ask for your help in making this new album. We want more people than just our band to feel ownership over the creation of this new album, and we hope that opening up to y’all for help making “The Wild Pack: Haunt These Woods” will help in conceiving that sense of ownership for you.


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