Love and Pre-ordering for the New EP!

Durrett calls the EP “a hike through the spectrum of emotions, through pre-party jitters, to path shifting grief, to the warmth of unexpected companionship,” all informed by an ever-present nostalgia for life back home. From the whoa-ohs of the crunchy “Stay Trashed, Stay Raring” to the touching elegy “Edgemont,” it’s a wild ride.

Kevin Bronson, Buzzbands.LA

The trio spin their tales with a bright, crunchy brand of indie rock, reminiscent of the Hold Steady or Kings of Leon, alternating between howling rockers and plaintive ballads.  “We Scream Party” is the centerpiece of the record, with its chugging rhythm, sing-along chorus, its celebration of their adopted hometown, and a minute-long coda of guitar freak-out.

Eric J. Lawrence, KCRW

Bandleader Ned Durrett wrote the lyrics about the trauma and grief surrounding the his brother’s death. ”’Edgemont’ is about how the pain of loss is impossible to shake,” says Durrett. “Even after leaving everything and everyone that reminds me of Steph’s death, I still feel tethered to his memory.”

Hilary Saunders, Paste Magazine

Stream the new EP at and then head over to pre-order it from iTunes! You’ll have “Wild Pack: Haunt These Woods before anyone else and then you can come see us at The Mint this Friday night!



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