Press – “The trio spin their tales with a bright, crunchy brand of indie rock, reminiscent of the Hold Steady or Kings of Leon, alternating between howling rockers and plaintive ballads. “We Scream Party” is the centerpiece of the record, with its chugging rhythm, sing-along chorus, its celebration of their adopted hometown, and a minute-long coda of guitar freak-out.” – “Bandleader Ned Durrett wrote the lyrics about the trauma and grief surrounding the his brother’s death. ”’Edgemont’ is about how the pain of loss is impossible to shake,” says Durrett. “Even after leaving everything and everyone that reminds me of Steph’s death, I still feel tethered to his memory.”– Singer-songwriter Ned Durrett imbues his roots rock with a deep sense of loss, regret and yearning, as if his emotional bloodletting could simultaneously heal past wounds and provide a clean slate for an ostensibly sunnier future.”  – “If you’d blindfolded me and played me the instrumental versions of the handful of tracks that are on their official site I would have sworn blind that I was listening to something by the Kings of Leon…the vocals were fantastic, clarity, power and range…I instantly thought that I was listening to a whole, rounded complete and totally immersive sound. Hearing that combination of fantastic smooth, slick vocals, combined with dirty deep south rock and blues, it’s easy to picture Ned and The Dirt on the main stage at Glastonbury and filling larger and larger venues.  They have something different.” – “Ned and the Dirt—L.A. rockers by way of South Carolina—drop by for an exclusive in-studio performance including brand new, not-yet-released material! Plus, an in-depth interview about new music, the art of “humanizing” music, an exciting new concept album & more! Roll up your sleeves and don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with this week’s episode of Native Noise Podcast.”– “Giants has numerous genres encapsulated into one incredible sound throughout. Songs like ‘Turkish Delight’ has a real funk beat as the undertone to deep guitar riffs with the deeply captivating voice of lead singer, Ned.” – “Durrett’s falsetto on “Turkish Delight” is nothing short of gripping — and pleasantly surprising. It’s a risk that was worth taking. “Closer,” a clever rock song about a lover’s dwindling influence, has him closer to the radio than to burying his career in, well, the dirt.”

– – “it’s unusual to hear so many different genres encapsulated in one act. But they play the songs in such an inspired fashion it’s hard not to be captivated by the beauty of the results.”

– – “powerful vocals…gritty and memorable…the album as a whole, is fantastic.”

– – Ned and the Dirt included in SC Music Guide’s 20 best of 2013

– pg. 85 – “The emotion felt from the first few notes of the guitar was overwhelming. The sincerity in Durrett’s grounding voice holds on until the very last note. Then comes the finale: the band tight, all building, pounding, rocking while Durrett belts the melody, adding this layer of bliss. Perfection. Giants is an album you can listen to on repeat without it ever getting old and loving each song.”